wedding in the gardenSo the day has come to say your “I DO.” The venue is booked, catering is ready to serve, the church is decorated, you survived your bachelor party, you’ve said hi and thank you numerous times and all that is left to do is wait for your beautiful bride to walk down the aisle wearing a gorgeous dress and looking like perfection.

But before you actually step onto the altar to receive your fiancé’s hand you have to be looking clean and sharp. Men Style Fashion wrote an article about grooming tips for the day you wed.

If you are the type of guy who rolls out of bed, sprinkles water on your head and goes to work than you definitely need to read this. On your wedding day you should be looking your best, so I highly encourage you to click on the article below. Happy Wedding!

Have you ever wondered where certain traditions come from? Sometimes we do things without every questioning it. Traditions have away of becoming a part of our lives and since people barely ask where traditions originated from we just continue doing them. For example what is the meaning of kissing under a mistletoe or why do we ask our brother or best friend to be a best man in our wedding?

Everything has an orgin and sometimes that origin is not exactly what we thought it would be. The website How Stuff Works has an article that list the 10 strangest traditions with strange origins. I am telling you, your going to be surprised at what you find.

Outrageous Weddings

You have seen them on TV or read about it in the newspaper, but have you ever been to one? The celebrities that we know and love will broadcast their expensive wedding for the fans to see and we just stare. We try to catch a glimpse of all the details that these celebrities selected for their special day.

Even though these wedding are broadcasted on TV, there are other weddings that are just as big and beautiful that don’t show up on TV. Thankfully has an article that shows some of the crazy billionaire weddings that might just give you some inspiration to creating yours. You may not be a billionaire but why let that stop you from having the feel of a billionaires wedding.